Just some thoughts-


It is indeed weird. Life. Death.
I am young still, yet what is young?
Is one young until the age around which death occurs is reached?
People die.
Every day.
No warning, no reason, no answers.
Worst part? Not knowing when. Not knowing how.
What am I going to do with my life?
Who will I become, who will I impact, who will impact me?
Will I ever get married? Will I ever have kids?
There is too much unknown information.
Is it because we would be affected too much if we knew?
What if we knew when we were going to die?
Would we change the way we lived?
Why are certain people put into our lives?
Whether it is for years, months, days, hours, or merely minutes.
The ones I know for the shortest periods of time tend to be the greatest people I have ever met.

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